Summary of 5th Recommender Stammtisch

The 5th Recommender Stammtisch hosted by SoundCloud was with over 60 people the largest Stammtisch we had so far. SoundCloud entertained the crowd with food, drinks and great talks. This Stammtisch focused on music related recommendation.


Thanks to all who have contributed to this great evening.

There were four invited talks and an introduction from Soundcloud given by Amelie (@utstikkar) and Michael.
The invited talks were:

Paul Lamere (@plamere)

Paul gave a talk about all the problems and difficulties in the area of music retrieval and recommendation. Check out the slides, you will most probably find some artists you never heard about.

The slides are from Paul’s RecSys 2012 talk (We’ll update the slides as soon as they’ll be available.)

Brian McFee (@functiontelechy)

Second talk from Brian McFee was about Modeling playlists by context. The problem of (good) automated playlist generation is more complicated than one think. Brian presented a path based approach walking through a set of music using all kinds of information (tags, audio data, etc.) to find the best path.

We’ll add a link to Brian’s talk as soon as it’ll be available.

Oscar Celma (@ocelma)

If there had been a Category ‘Best Title and Starting Slide’, the presentation would have won it easily. Oscar talked about the problem to recommend music from the long tail. Check out the slides and of course his book.

Ben Fields

Finally, Ben Fields gave a summary about the history of playlist generation from the beginnings in 1850 till today.


We’d like to thank the good people at SoundCloud for doing all the heavy lifting in organizing this event with a great line-up of speakers and let’s no forget the awesome food.



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