6th Recommender Stammtisch – Wrap up

Last week, the 6th Stammtisch took place kindly hosted by MBR Targeting. We had 2 Talks and 1 Stand-up presentation.

Jonas Dose from MBR Targeting gave a talk about ‘Real Time Advertisement’. He gave a really good introduction about the challenges of real time bidding which has the goal to identify the right users for an advertisement.

Torben Brodt, from plista, presented ‘Content Recommendations with Redis’. He explained how real time recommendations with Redis work by taking the example of a most popular recommender enhanced with different contextual information such as time or geolocation.

Last talk of the evening was (spontaneously) given by Manuel Blechschmidt from Apaxo. He gave an introduction to recommendations with mahout. The code can be found on his github account.

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