9th Stammtisch – Back to the roots

Upcoming 8th Recommender Stammtisch

recommender-stammtisch-8-upcomingThe next Berlin Recommender Stammtisch will be at plista GmbH, on June 5th. The event is right after Berlin Buzzwords and we will have great speakers.

Registration is open: http://8th-recommender-eorg.eventbrite.de/


  • Mikio Braun “Online Learning with Stream Minig”
  • Ted Dunning “Bayesian A/B Testing applied to recommenders”

The event is starting at 7 pm in the plista office in Torstraße 33-35, 10119 Berlin (close to U2-Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz).
Open end. We are happy to welcome you on the 5th of June!

Recommender Challenge Hackathon #bdw13

BigData_130409_PosterideeThe Big Data Week brings together a global community of data enthusiasts. During the Berlin Event 2013 plista is organizing a Recommender Challenge Hackathon.

The challenge focuses on recommending news articles in real-time. Participants will have the chance to directly interact with our real-time recommender system. The challenge itself will last for the whole big data week, so you are able to tweak your setup and improve performance levels. The winner will be announced at the end of the week.

All people interested in a real recommender system can join us for free pizza, mate and beer. Lets hack on recommender problems and beat the other algorithm teams.
We have prototypes for java, python and php and can provide virtual machines close to our edge locations.

!!! 1st prize Nexus 7, 2nd prize Raspberry Media Center Kit, 3rd prize Raspberry Model B !!!

Register for the event at: http://amiando.com/bdw_rs
.. and also join the plus group at: https://plus.google.com/events/cv80cmp3s1hcdq3cnn9ujam8988

7th Recommender Stammtisch

The next Recommender Stammtisch will be at Nokia House, Berlin, on Tuesday, April 23, at 7pm. The event is embedded into the Big Data Week, which takes place in 25+ cities all over the world.

Sebastian Schelter (TU Berlin, Apache Mahout committer) will tell us about new developments in Mahout. Torben Brodt from Plista will present the Plista Recommender Challenge (a related Hackathon is also part of Big Data Week). The rest of the evening is reserved for conversation and hacking while having some snacks and drinks.

Participation is limited; please register via Eventbrite (it’s free!).

6th Recommender Stammtisch – Wrap up

Last week, the 6th Stammtisch took place kindly hosted by MBR Targeting. We had 2 Talks and 1 Stand-up presentation.

Jonas Dose from MBR Targeting gave a talk about ‘Real Time Advertisement’. He gave a really good introduction about the challenges of real time bidding which has the goal to identify the right users for an advertisement.
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6th Recommenders Stammtisch

Recommender Stammtisch, the 6th edition, will be held on February 28th, kindly hosted by MBR Targeting. Tickets can be ordered here

The Recommender Stammtisch will start at 18.30


  • “Content Recommendations” by Torben Brodt, Plista
  • “Introduction to and Challenges in “Real Time Bidding”” by Jonas Dohse, Mbr Targeting
  • Tentative, Alexander Weiß, Trademob
  • Summary of 5th Recommender Stammtisch

    The 5th Recommender Stammtisch hosted by SoundCloud was with over 60 people the largest Stammtisch we had so far. SoundCloud entertained the crowd with food, drinks and great talks. This Stammtisch focused on music related recommendation.


    Thanks to all who have contributed to this great evening.
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    5th Recommender Stammtisch

    The Recommender Stammtisch returns on 19/12 for a very special meetup hosted by SoundCloud. We will have 3 special talks and food starting at 18:30. Space is limited so you will have to register via the eventbrite page.

    I’ve got 10 Million Songs in My Pocket. Now What?

    Paul Lamere

    Director of developer platform at The Echo Nest


    Modeling playlists by context

    Brian McFee

    Postdoctoral research scholar
    Center for Jazz Studies / LabROSA
    Columbia University


    MusicDiscoBerry: the bittersweet high-hanging fruit



    Òscar Celma
    Senior Research Scientist at Gracenote

    4th Recommender Stammtisch