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12th Recommender Stammtisch

This May, the Recommender Stammtisch returns to ResearchGate. We’re looking forward to two exciting talks by Sebastian Schelter and Stefan Savev (please see details below), followed by a happy hour.

Join us on May 22nd at 7:00 pm at the ResearchGate headquarters on Invalidenstraße 115, 10115 Berlin (close to “Naturkundemuseum” on the U6 line and to “Nordbahnhof”).

Looking forward to seeing you there! Register for free!


7:00 pm Doors open
7:15 pm Welcoming
7:30 pm Sebastian Schelter: Cooccurrence-based recommendations with Mahout, Scala & Spark

This talk will give a preview to the latest developments in Apache Mahout. Mahout features a new scala DSL for linear algebraic computations. Programs written in this DSL will be automatically parallelized and executed on Apache Spark. I will give an introduction to the DSL and show how Mahout uses it to implement a cooccurrence-based recommender.

Sebastian is a PhD student at the Database Systems and Information Management Group of TU Berlin as well as a member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he works on Mahout and Giraph.
8:30 pm Stefan Savev: Information Retrieval Models: Explanations and Applications

Did you ever come across terms like BM25 similarity model, KL divergence model, the language model, and the translation model in ElasticSearch or Solr documentation? Did you wonder what these models do and whether they can improve your product?
In this talk we revisit the classical information retrieval approaches and explain the thinking and intuition behind the models so that you can decide whether they fit your use case. We also show some useful extensions handling common cases such as matching the query across multiple fields, handling spelling errors, synonyms and personalized context.

Stefan works as a Senior Software Engineer at ResearchGate, where he focuses on developing their recommendation system. Previously, Stefan worked as a Software Engineer for relevance in Microsoft. He holds a PhD in Information Retrieval from Northeastern University, Boston and a MSc degree in Natural Language Processing from RWTH, Aachen. Stefan loves to discuss topics related to algorithms, search engine implementation, functional programming languages and machine learning.

Followed by happy-hour